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526 Lafayette St

Grand Haven, MI


Sold in April 2023 for $790,000

Details matter.

When we sold this historic Grand Haven home to one of our clients years ago, we knew she had a clear vision for how she would renovate it to create her “forever” home. True to form when work was complete, her updates were so thoughtful and considered that even the pantry shelves were designed with intention! So when her plans changed and she needed to move, we knew our penchant for being detailed was a perfect match.

This owner, like many sellers, was facing a big transition. She also had concerns that her unique property might suffer a poor appraisal that would hurt her bottom line. However, our detailed analysis and up-front estimates reassured her that our recommendations were backed by data, experience, and were right on target. 

We launched our plan and (wouldn’t you know it) our New Listing & Open House email that week found its way to just the right details-driven buyer…who also happened to be a previous client! Fast forward through a successful inspection & appraisal, and all parties happily closed. Seller, Buyer, and DIRK STONE Team - perfect matches all around!

3740 Fairway Dr 

Norton Shores, MI


Sold April 2023 for $330,000

Sometimes life can

really pile it on.

In addition to unexpectedly losing several family members between 2020-2022, the rightful heirs of this estate also endured a case of attempted property fraud. No longer living in Michigan, adult siblings found themselves processing their grief, embroiled in legalities, and trying to manage the steps of prepping a home for sale from afar. 

As you can imagine, the process of vacating and selling their parent’s property was a lot - but nothing was going to stop us from helping them find solutions. We guided the Sellers through the process of clearing the property’s title, succeeded in deleting false records online, referred them to local service providers, and connected directly with the HOA to make sure we had our details right. The result? Multiple offers, a cash sale over the asking price, and - finally - a little peace of mind. 

611 Parkview Ave

Spring Lake, MI


Sold in February 2023 for $449,900

When your schedule is jam-packed...

that is the time, undoubtedly, you also decide to move. Having already committed to attending a family wedding in Florida, the Sellers of this Spring Lake Villas condo realized they could no longer ignore their need to move. However, not only was it important for them to maximize profit, but they also needed enough time to accommodate their travel plans and transition to their new home (which, of course, was not yet ready). 

We asked a lot of questions and designed a customized plan for Seller Success! We launched a targeted, optimized, and detailed listing on Thursday, captured valuable open house feedback on Saturday, and rallied a deal that met all of the client’s needs by the end of the weekend. Want more? This sale produced a record-setting price for its type in that neighborhood, and we got the Sellers more than 30 days of possession after closing - at no cost. 

Our clients closed without incident, deposited their proceeds, enjoyed their trip, and completed a leisurely move with a few days to spare.

9 S 3rd St #205

Grand Haven, MI


Sold in January 2023 for $540,000


Our long-time clients adored living in this Cutler House condo in downtown Grand Haven. However, the pull of being closer to their adult children ultimately became too great, and they began building in Ohio. They had several months before their new house would be finished and, understandably, they only wanted to move once.

The good news was that the market had produced large gains since their purchase. The not-so-hot news was that interest rates had doubled since they first considered selling the year before, and their HOA had recently issued an assessment for roof replacement. 

Recognizing the shift in market conditions, we adjusted our plan and went on offense. Even though time was on our side, we proactively enhanced our listing online, increased advertising, and networked with interested parties. Our perseverance paid off! An early prospect circled back to become the buyer. The Sellers moved only once from Grand Haven to their completed new home - and closer to what mattered to them most. 

15746 Kitchel Ave

Grand Haven, MI


November 2022 for $449,900

It’s not all sunshine

and unicorns. 

Sometimes pitfalls occur during the selling process, and they are out of anyone’s control. That’s when you really want experts on your side. 

We had done an excellent job for the Sellers of this property when, an hour before closing, the buyer’s agent sent a text to say that the buyer was backing out and there was nothing he could do to change their mind. 

Two days to Thanksgiving with the house no longer staged and interest rates higher than before, our stomachs, admittedly, did a bit of a backflip. But we recovered quickly, leaned on our decades of experience, and got back to work! We reassured the somewhat panicked clients that we were already identifying options and recommendations. 

We negotiated for the Seller to keep the first buyer’s earnest money (and more) without having to go to court or pay legal fees, and we promptly relisted the property. The assets we secured during that negotiation proved to be extremely valuable and played a role in our ability to capture a new buyer - without sacrificing the original sale price. Our clients closed with the second buyer a few weeks later and they were able to move forward with their plan!

469 W. Webster

Muskegon MI


Sold in August 2022 for $320,000

Best laid plans. 

What happens when you buy a house for your kids to keep them close, and then they decide to move to Colorado?

The Sellers of Webster Ave loved downtown so much, they bought 2 historical homes on the same block. Their second acquisition was home to their daughter for two years until her life plans changed and she moved out west. 

After consulting with us on the prospect of renting vs. selling, they decided they would rather have the freedom to travel during their retirement than act as property managers.

Despite many modern conveniences and features, we knew that the property’s authentic Victorian styling would most likely appeal to a niche market. We embraced that idea by spotlighting its very unique details and then balanced the story by showcasing the ease of having a community-based lifestyle in that location. 

Our plan worked and the message found a relocating buyer who had local family ties of their own! The Sellers not only got a good neighbor, but they also made a profit and were thrilled with their decision. They now have more time to do the things they love, including intermittent trips to Colorado. 

6907 S. Walker Rd 

Fruitport, MI 49415

Sold in August 2022 for $399,900

Not one dime off their bottom line.

Few things bring us more joy than clients who come to us from the referral of our past clients, friends, & family. In this case, the Sellers were first referred to the DIRK STONE Team by a neighbor and then, coincidentally, also recommended to us by one of their co-workers! 

Facing relocation, maximizing profit was this client's top priority. However, the timeline they needed to undertake a multi-state move was a close second. Our marketing produced a full-price offer on the listing’s opening weekend BUT the buyer needed possession as closing. 

We got to work and negotiated the dates to work for all parties without sacrificing price or additional cost. In the end, the Seller was thrilled to realize their full profit potential and have 6 full weeks to complete their relocation. 

6910 S. Walker Rd 

Fruitport, MI 49415

Sold in May 2022 for $375,900

Your birds have flown the what?

After getting her kids off to college, the Seller of this Cape Cod home was looking forward to downsizing. She faced a big job. There was years' worth of stuff to sort - things that served her well but were no longer needed - not to mention her uncertainty about how best to disclose the corrective actions she took for water that had shown up in her basement the year before. 

Luckily, this Seller connected with us early months before she wanted to move so that we could offer professional advice and help her make a plan. She used our consultation like a map and followed it all the way through closing! Her happy ending included a cash buyer who also offered her 90+ days of post-closing possession! The Seller was so happy with the result, she asked us to represent her during her next house purchase AND referred her neighbor who sold with us just a few months later. 

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