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Lakeshore Living: Pre-Spring Outdoor Space Revamp

Dirk Stone

I’m a big believer in supporting local businesses and being out and about...

I’m a big believer in supporting local businesses and being out and about...

Feb 27 1 minutes read

Reimagine Your Lakeside Outdoor Oasis

As winter retreats from the scenic shores of West Michigan, the anticipation of spring invites us to revitalize our outdoor havens. Whether you're resting on the sandy banks of Lake Michigan or nestled within the diverse landscapes of the Lakeshore region, there are countless approaches to upgrade your outdoor area. This is your guide to transforming your exterior spaces into a functional and stylish retreat, reflective of our beautiful lakeside community.

Strategic Outdoor Zoning

Begin by visualizing your outdoor space through the lens of the Lakeshore's leisurely vibe. Envision al fresco dining areas that capture the essence of waterfront sunsets or a cozy nook for lazy afternoons with a lakeside breeze. Arrange your space into purposeful zones - a corner for dining with a rustic picnic table, or a relaxation spot featuring an iconic Michigan Adirondack chair, ideal for unwinding after a day of boating or exploring nearby dunes.

Embrace the Lakeshore Flora

Livening up your outdoor sanctuary with native greenery not only pays homage to West Michigan’s natural beauty but also nurtures local ecosystems. Consider integrating indigenous wildflowers, ornamental grasses, or botanic shrubs that are accustomed to our climate. Limited by space? Vertical gardens graced with climbing clematis or green roofs are not only space-efficient but add a green touch that mirrors our lush surroundings.

Quality Lakeside Lounging

Opt for outdoor furniture that reflects the enduring spirit of the Lakeshore. Robust yet elegant options, such as recycled plastic furniture, can endure the region's varying weather while minimizing its environmental impact. Personalize your space with marine-inspired cushions or nautical-striped throws that bring a coastal ambiance to any gathering.

Glow with Nautical-Inspired Lighting

Fashion your outdoor area to be a beacon of comfort with lighting that reflects the storied lighthouses along our coast. From vintage lanterns to LED string lights mimicking a starlit sky, outdoor lighting extends the functionality of your space into the evening, setting the stage for midnight conversations under the vast Michigan sky.

Cultivate Privacy with a Lakeshore Touch

For intimate outdoor settings, especially in closer-knit beachside communities, privacy is a treasure. Tailor a secluded haven using verdant living fences or stylish maritime-style partitions that evoke the spirit of boat sails and fishing nets while providing a secluded retreat from the world.

Natural Water Features

Invoke the calming presence of Lake Michigan's shoreline with a water feature catering to West Michigan's serene landscapes. A small birdbath or a reflective pond can act as a focal point, inviting local avifauna while offering a contemplative space where the gentle sounds of water provide a peaceful escape from the hustle of everyday life.

Shelter with Style

As brilliant sunny days grace the Lakeshore region, considering shade is essential. Chic pergolas adorned with climbing vines or sleek, modern sunshades not only offer respite from the zenith of the day but also add a design element, blending harmoniously with our area’s architectural styles.

Accessorizing With Regional Character

Adorn your outdoor regions with accessories that echo the heart of West Michigan. Rugged outdoor throws for evening bonfires, or beach-inspired decor can accent your space to reflect the coastal scene. Choose accents, such as driftwood art pieces or Great Lakes-themed textiles, that celebrate our unique locale.

Low-Maintenance, High Enjoyment

The key to fully enjoying the Lakeshore's natural charm is to minimize upkeep. Opt for native plant species that are attuned to our climate, and select furniture forged with weatherproof materials. These considerations ensure your time is spent savoring the outdoors rather than maintaining it.

Upgrading your outdoor living space for spring around the West Michigan Lakeshore offers the perfect opportunity to craft an inviting environment for warm-weather delight. Whether you're overlooking the grandeur of the lake or enjoying the seclusion of your wooded retreat, the time to start planning is now. By the time the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, your personal oasis will be the go-to spot for celebrating the season’s gifts.

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