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Spring DIY Garden Bliss on the West Michigan Lakeshore

Dirk Stone

I’m a big believer in supporting local businesses and being out and about...

I’m a big believer in supporting local businesses and being out and about...

Mar 12 1 minutes read

Spring has swept across the West Michigan Lakeshore, bringing with it a wave of inspiration for homeowners eager to infuse new life into their gardens. In a region celebrated for its stunning natural landscapes and vibrant ecosystems, there's no better season to accentuate your home's outdoor space. From the serene beaches of Holland to the bustling marinas of Grand Haven, let's explore easy, budget-friendly DIY garden projects that not only harmonize with the local flora but also transform your garden into a personalized lakeside retreat.

1. Stepping Stone Pathway

Embrace the charm of the Lakeshore by creating a stepping stone path that meanders through your garden, reflecting the natural beauty of our lake-bordered terrains. Utilize quick-setting concrete molded with impressions of local leaves or shells, and embed decorations that echo the hues of Lake Michigan's shores.

2. Raised Garden Beds

In the sandy soils that often characterize the West Michigan Lakeshore, raised garden beds offer an excellent solution for cultivating vibrant gardens. Constructed from cedar or reclaimed wood to withstand the moist lakeside climate, these beds elevate your gardening — both literally and metaphorically— allowing for better soil management and a complimentary aesthetic to our beachy backdrops.

3. Simple Water Feature

Mimic the soothing sounds of our Great Lake by installing a DIY water feature in your garden. Whether you opt for a serene bird bath inspired by the tranquility of Sleeping Bear Dunes or a bubbling fountain reminiscent of the small streams meandering towards the coastline, incorporating water elevates your outdoor space into a peaceful retreat, aligning with the West Michigan's natural vibe.

4. Butterfly Garden

Contribute to the preservation of local wildlife by dedicating a corner of your garden to native butterflies and pollinators, crucial for maintaining the biodiversity of our region. Select plants such as milkweed, native to Michigan, alongside flowering perennials like Purple Coneflower, to create a colorful and lively sanctuary that echoes the natural landscapes found along our lakeshore.

5. Upcycled Furniture Planters

Echo the Lakeshore’s spirit of sustainability and ingenuity by transforming found objects or old furniture into unique garden planters. A repurposed dresser planted with fragrant herbs or hardy native plants not only becomes an eye-catching feature but also tells a story of renewal and growth, much like our ever-changing lakeside communities.

6. Trellis for Climbers

Enhance the vertical dimension of your garden with a handmade trellis supporting climbers indigenous to the Lakeshore area, such as the Virginia Creeper or the Climbing Hydrangea. These structures not only add architectural interest but also invite the lush, natural beauty of our wooded landscapes into your garden.

7. Compost Bin Setup

Embrace Lakeshore living's green ethos by starting a compost bin. Utilizing residents' abundant organic waste, such as leaves from our majestic deciduous trees or scraps from your lake catch, this simple project significantly enriches your garden soil, promoting a sustainable cycle that benefits your garden and the environment.

8. Fire Pit Gathering Area

Inspired by the camaraderie of Lakeshore community beach bonfires, construct a fire pit gathering area in your backyard. Using local stones and designing it to replicate the cozy, communal atmosphere found along our beaches, this project invites warm, memorable evenings under the Michigan stars.

9. Potting Bench Creation

Create a potting bench using driftwood or reclaimed barn wood for a piece that captures the rustic, natural essence of the West Michigan Lakeshore. This functional addition serves not just as a work area but as a testament to the beauty and history of our region, blending seamlessly with the landscape.

10. Homemade Bird Feeders

Draw inspiration from the Lakeshore's rich birdlife by crafting bird feeders from natural materials. As you provide nourishment for the diverse species that visit our area, from the Red-winged Blackbird to the Sandhill Crane, you'll create a vibrant spot that mirrors the bustling wildlife habitats found along our coastline.

Spring on the West Michigan Lakeshore is a season of renewal and opportunity, a time to bring the distinct beauty and tranquility of our natural surroundings into our gardens. Through these DIY projects, you not only enhance your outdoor space but further root yourself in the unique spirit and community of this beautiful region we call home.

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